Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you? Do you REMEMBER?

I had signed on to AOL to read my e-mail.  And the opening page had a picture of the first tower burning...I couldn't believe it...thought it was a very BAD joke by some sicko posting an altered photo of the tower. 

So I turned on the news, and in that moment watched another plane hit the second tower...and I crumbled...felt numb...just couldn't believe it...I sat there in shock.

As time slowly crawled by, I finally got dressed and left (late) for work in tears.

I didn't make it but a couple blocks down the street, and got a phone call that the first tower had fallen.  I ended up turning around because I felt like I couldn't breathe.  Drove the few blocks back home, sat in front of the tv and watched the second tower collapse.

And now... remembering it like it was yesterday...makes my heart ache for so many that have been forever changed by this event.  Actually, in typing this I can't imagine the whole world not feeling affected in some way by the chain of events that occured on September 11th.

Whether you believe in God who created you or something else, won't you please Stop and Pray....think about....REMEMBER.

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