Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who are you trying to please?

When you work...are you working for the Lord?  Or are you working for people?

I came across this beautiful illustration of a bible verse I actually have posted at my workstation.

"WORK willingly at WHATEVER YOU DO as though you were working for the LORD rather than for PEOPLE"  Col 3:23

It's hard enough pleasing people all of the time, let alone most of the time.  So my goal is to have a heart to "WORK for the LORD" and please Him.  If other's are than pleased, that's a bonus.   It's definitely less stressful and will put your heart in the right place.

If you LOVE this illustration as much as I do, you can hop on over to "Homegrown Hospitality"  My NEW favorite Blog to follow...It just makes me Happy

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Christy said...

Very cute stuff! But, I thought my blog was your new favorite blog to follow?!?!?!?