Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bless the Homeless

Wow! Is pretty much the word I have for this afternoon/evening.   Blessed! is another one. 

Today we went down to Laguna Beach to fellowship with the homeless with our "Sole 2 Soul Ministry" team. 

What we've learned over the past few months...that a pair of socks is worth a lot when you're living out of a backpack, and especially if you have no shoes on your feet.

There's also something to be said about handing out items that we take for granted.  Aside from the socks; small toiletry bags (soap/shampoo); a cap to block the sun and even mittens/gloves (yes, it still cools down quite a bit in the evenings here in So Cal). 

But one thing more (and it doesn't cost money) is giving of our listen, care and pray with so many who are shunned by the public.  Left at the curb like trash.  People who are lost, who have had many burdens, who are broken.  Who need someone to care, to smile, to hug.  They are all God's children.

We met a young man who went to jail at the age of 19 and served 5 years.  Was just let out 48 hours ago.  Who lost both parents while in prison.  Who found Jesus in prison.  Who has set goals and because of the love of his grandmother has been pointed in the right direction.  We pray for him.

We met a young man who was raised in a Christian home, but like so many fell and fell hard (due to addiction).  We pray for him.

We met another man who gave us a hug and a toothless grin. Who seemed grateful when we remembered his name.  We pray for him.

A young woman searching for a room to rent.  But with a smile on her face wishing us a Happy Easter.  We pray for her.

A man with a funny laugh, who said he had just prayed for socks.  He made us laugh.  And we pray for him.

I could go on and on because there were/are so many. 

And we'll go back down (the 3rd Saturday of each month) to build a relationship with so many who feel less than perfect.  Children of God who should be shown the love of Christ.  To let them know their worth and that we care.  That they may enjoy 3 meals a day and a warm bed to lie upon.  We pray for all of them.

And as we drove towards HOME, headed for DINNER (knowing both of these our homeless friends don't have) our heads spinning and our hearts overflowing; we praised God for choosing us to do His work.

After we left dinner with our bellies full, driving out of the shopping center, we handed out a few more socks to a homeless man on the corner and gave him some water. 

Let me say it again...WE ARE BLESSED!!!

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